Council Plan theme - Every neighbourhood thriving

Where we are now, and where we want to be

Where we are now

Councillors engage with and work with local people and community groups to produce plans for Rotherham’s 25 wards. These ward plans are reviewed annually, and identify priorities at a neighbourhood level, providing a focus for local activity.
Harnessing the community spirit shown during the pandemic response, where a significant number of people offered to volunteer with the Rotherham Community Hub and help those affected, we are providing further opportunities for people to get involved in their local area such as community litter picks and resident speedwatch sessions in partnership with the police.

We are also making sure that every community has a dedicated team that works alongside local councillors to get the best outcomes for local people. Our street cleansing, grounds maintenance and enforcement staff are being reorganised on a locality basis, working closely with multi-agency partners such as local policing teams.

We know from conversations with residents that feeling safe in the area where they live is important to them,  that roads are kept in good condition, and that they value having accessible green spaces that are litter-free. Recognising this, we have:

  • Developed a seven-day out of hours response service to tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Improved roads and repaired potholes as part of our “£24 million to 2024” roads programme
  • Committed £4 million to improve local towns and villages, building on investments in street cleansing and our three-year litter bin programme to keep streets tidy
  • Started work to develop masterplans for our three country parks

People also tell us how much they value libraries, which often act as vital hubs of local activity. We are continuing to invest in our library facilities through a programme of refurbishments and upgrades, making sure that they are accessible, welcoming and able to meet the needs of all our communities.

Where we want to be

The community response to the Covid-19, with residents stepping forward to help their friends, families and neighbours, demonstrated the importance of the Council and other agencies working in genuine partnership with local people and organisations.

We will continue to put communities at the heart of everything we do, developing local networks and seeking innovative ways to involve people in the things that matter to them: increasingly ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing to’.

It will be particularly important to consider how every community is given the chance to have a say on issues that affect them and to influence decisions.

We recognise that everyone has a role in ensuring neighbourhoods are welcoming and safe, clean and green.

Community organisations and local “friends of” groups already make a huge contribution and our aim is to facilitate, nurture and encourage this and other forms of local participation.


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