Register a birth

Register a Still-Birth

The birth of a stillborn baby should be registered within 42 days of the date of birth.

Due to COVID-19 you can now register by telephone. The Registrar will receive a scan of the Medical Certificate of Still-Birth directly from the medical practitioner. On receipt of this the Registrar will call you to offer you an appointment to register by telephone and to ascertain if you wish to order any certificates, these cost £11.00 each.

Who can register

If the parents are married to each other when the baby is born, either parent may register. If not and you wish for the fathers details to be included in the register both parents should be available for the telephone appointment (if this is not possible please advise us prior to your appointment).

If the parents are not married when the baby is born entering the fathers details is not legally required.

What documents will be issued

Following completion of the registration appointment the Registrar will post to you any certificates you have ordered along with a free certificate. Please note the free certificate only contains limited information to confirm registration.

The Registrar will send a scan directly to the hospital bereavement centre or your chosen funeral director of the certificate for burial or cremation.

Make an appointment 01709 823542

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