Homelessness Prevention and Rough Sleeper Strategy


I am pleased to introduce Rotherham’s Homelessness Prevention and Rough Sleeper Strategy. The strategy sets out the key challenges, priorities and objectives for preventing and tackling homelessness across Rotherham over the next three years.

This strategy builds on our 2019-22 strategy. I am very grateful for the commitment and compassion of everyone who helped respond to homelessness over the last three years, particularly in response to the challenges during the Covid pandemic. We have seen some amazing work undertaken by partner organisations, Council teams and the community.

Over the past three years. Rotherham has experienced both an increase in homelessness, and an increase in the complexity of the needs homeless households face. As we move forward, we face challenges and opportunities. The challenges include the cost-of-living crisis and the fragile national economic picture, the lack of affordable decent housing and the continuous demand on council resources.

In order to successfully prevent homelessness, Rotherham will need to prepare those most vulnerable to homelessness and the services that support the strategy for the challenges that may lie ahead.

The Council recognises that partnership working is the key to tackling homelessness. Now more than ever we need to work together to respond to the challenges ahead and to be innovative in our thinking, finding lasting solutions to tackle homelessness and support our most vulnerable residents. We must build on our relationships with voluntary and statutory services, housing associations, private landlords, and those providing employment, welfare and financial inclusion services, all of whom will need to play a larger role in preventing homelessness.

Therefore, the strategy represents a partnership response to preventing and tackling homelessness. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of the individuals and organisations who have contributed to the development of the strategy.

Councillor amy brookes

Cllr. Amy Brookes,
Cabinet Member for Housing