Homelessness Prevention and Rough Sleeper Strategy

Introduction, Vision and Six Priorities


The vision for tackling homelessness in Rotherham.

The Council has a duty under the Homelessness Act 2002 to review the nature and extent of homelessness at least every five years. This review has been used to develop this strategy, which sets out how the Council and partners will tackle homelessness issues in Rotherham.

The Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy sets out the Council’s priorities for addressing all forms of homelessness in the Borough over the next three years. It will also contribute towards meeting the Government’s pledge to end rough sleeping altogether by 2027.

Many people are already in crisis before they approach a homelessness service, therefore the strategy reflects the need to focus on prevention and early intervention. We want fewer people in Rotherham to experience the trauma of homelessness, and ensure that those who do can find a settled home quicker.

Tackling homelessness requires strong partnerships with neighbouring local authorities, housing associations, along with positive engagement with the private rented sector and voluntary sector agencies.

Our Vision

  • To work in partnership to end homelessness in Rotherham
  • Everyone has a secure affordable place to call home
  • The right support at the right time is in place to prevent homelessness and enable recovery

We have developed six key priorities to enable us to achieve our vision. The six key priorities for the 2023-26 period are:

  1. Make homelessness a rare occurrence by focusing on prevention and early intervention
  2. Minimise the use and improve the quality of temporary accommodation, and end the use of hotels
  3. Increase access to affordable housing options
  4. Improve access to housing support, employment and health services
  5. Support people with complex needs
  6. End rough sleeping in Rotherham