Homelessness Prevention and Rough Sleeper Strategy

Our Approach to Developing the Strategy

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Our co-design, engagement and consultation approach involved listening and interacting with a range of people. This included homelessness service users, the public, partners and colleagues, which has helped inform and shape the strategy.

The strategy has been developed in partnership with key stakeholders. An extensive pre-consultation was followed by a public consultation which outlined the proposed approach and asked for their views. The Council acknowledges that people with lived experience are often best placed to advise on what will make a positive difference to their lives and this is reflected within the strategy.

To ensure there were diverse conversations a range of different engagement methods to involve people were facilitated, so that we could hear the views of as many people as possible.

Homelessness art Group session
People with homelessness experience, expression through art, hosted by Shiloh and Crisis Skylight South Yorkshire 2022 Group session, Homelessness Service Team 2022

What’s important to our customers, is also fundamental in the strategy.

Here is what our customers said:

I'd like to get support with my drugs and alcohol problems

I want to live in supported housing to help me get back on my feet

I want to make connections in my community, find new friends and opportunities

I'm set on to improving on my mental health

I'd like to be able to get back to working

To keep staying clean

My end goal is……

I want to be in a home of my own, settled with a happy family