Public rights of way

The Council is receiving requests from landowners and occupiers to close public rights of way. Public rights of way give members of the public the right to access some land for walking and there is no legal mechanism to close them.

There is not currently any Government guidance in respect of public rights of way, although people should only exercise once a day - for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household, and keep 2 metres from others. People should stay local and not travel unnecessarily to exercise.

Landowners may, should they wish, erect signage at access points to their property advising people to keep to the right(s) of way, avoid any contact with anyone at the property and, where possible, use gloves when opening gates or crossing stiles. The signage should be advisory and not act as a deterrent to legitimate usage of the path network.

Please take care of yourselves and help others by adhering to the latest guidelines, staying on rights of way if you use them and helping those whose land you cross by following the latest advice.