Council Plan theme - People are safe, healthy and live well

Our desired outcomes and how we will achieve them

The outcomes we will focus on

  • People have good mental health and physical wellbeing
  • People feel empowered, safe, and live independently for as long as possible
  • People can access affordable, decent housing 
  • Inequalities are addressed and nobody is left behind

How we will get there

  • Focus on minimising/tackling the leading risk factors for death and disability in Rotherham, such as tobacco, unhealthy weight, and alcohol
  • Promote the best possible mental health for all, building on existing campaigns such as the Five Ways to Wellbeing, the Great Big Rotherham To-do list and Be the One
  • Work with people to build on their strengths and resilience, reducing reliance on social care interventions
  • Deliver the ‘My Front Door’ programme, providing adults with learning disabilities and autism with increased choice and opportunities for greater independence
  • Tackle poverty and financial crisis, including development of a ‘social supermarket’ which will help people to move on from food banks, a new Rothercard that will provide discounts on Council services for those who most need them, and our Community Energy Scheme, which will enable households to reduce their energy bills
  • Work with partners to deliver our domestic abuse strategy, taking a coordinated approach to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence
    Invest in affordable housing and support those at risk of or experiencing homelessness
  • CCTV improvements will be realised through the Capital investment currently agreed (£420,000) alongside improving corporate management of CCTV purchases and assets
  • Continuing to focus on promoting access to services, including out of hours alongside a robust performance management framework within enforcement services
  • Transformation within Domestic Abuse Services is being delivered through strong partnership working, increased investment and the re-design of both internal and commissioned services


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