Council Plan theme - People are safe, healthy and live well

Performance measures

Ref Key performance indicators Good is Target 2022/23
PE01 Number of people attending the Make Every Contact Count (MECC) training relating to health and wellbeing issues High 150
PE02 The proportion of adults involved in a safeguarding enquiry who felt their personal outcomes were at least partially met High 97%
PE03 Proportion of new clients who receive short term (reablement) service in year with an outcome of no further requests made for support High 90%
PE04 Manage the number of new older adult admissions to long term residential care (aged 64+) Measure for information 300
PE05 Proportion of council housing repairs completed ‘Right 1st time’ High 93%
PE06 Number of new homes delivered with Council support, including affordable homes High 200
PE07 Proportion of council housing stock that meets the "Decent Homes" standard High 100%
PE08 Proportion of households prevented or relieved from homelessness High 85%
PE09 Number of households in temporary accommodation (both temporary accomodation and hotels) Low 130
PE10 Total number of referrals to domestic abuse support services Measure for information No target
PE11 Engagement rate with Domestic Abuse support services
(all services)
High 60%
PE12 Proportion of new claims for Housing Benefits and Council Tax Support dealt with within 14 days of receipt of all necessary information Low 90%


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