Tenant Involvement

Have a say in improving housing services

We are committed to working with tenants to improve your housing service and estates. By working with us and telling us your views, we can make sure our services meet your needs and you will be able to:

Influence decisions on how money is spent on environmental improvements. Shape the future of our housing services and council homes. Make your estates cleaner and safer places to live.

We want to hear from council tenants across the borough especially those with diverse needs who are sometimes under represented.

To give you an idea of how you can get involved we've provided a list of options so you can decide what suits you.

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Illustration of cityscape with people in the community

Reacting to the Pandemic - How our communities came together

The last 12 months has been an exceptionally difficult year in our communities, creating many challenges for our residents to face that no one could have foreseen at the beginning of 2020.

Our work with local people community groups and partners was diverted from what we had initially planned.

As our efforts focused on providing support and guidance to those most in need and most at risk during the pandemic. Support has been given through the Rotherham Heroes campaign and Community Hub and also through remote support to our network of tenants and residents associations and community groups across Rotherham.

It has been incredible to see the amazing spirit that our communities have shown throughout. Stepping up and helping out when their neighbours needed it the most.

New play equipment in a local playing park

Ward Housing Hubs

Ward Housing Hubs have a budget giving council tenants an opportunity to decide on how to spend money on environmental improvements that benefit their estates.

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Group of tenants around a table at a meeting

Housing Involvement Panel

Get involved in shaping our housing services and policies. The panel oversees all tenant involvement to ensure that they have the opportunity to play an effective role in service improvement across the borough.

photo of quality standards challenge group sat around a table

Quality Standards Challenge Group

The group work closely with tenants that are involved in the community inspection group to uncover any 'hot topics' or 'causes for concern'. They then work to provide a standard of service for future work.

Tenants voting at the Tenants Open Day

Tenants Open Day

The Tenants Open Day is an opportunity for you to attend and find out about how housing services are performing and our future plans. Also this is a great chance for you to access and find out more about other services within the Council and other organisations. The Open Day also includes Rotherham Federation of Communities Awards Ceremony where achievements from tenants and staff are recognised through awards. This year’s Tenant's Open Day was held virtually on Wednesday 17 March 2021.

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Home Matters Magazines with woman and child on cover

Home Matters

This quarterly magazine keeps tenants up to date on what is happening both in Housing and their local area, and provides information on our performance. As a tenant you can get involved as part of the Editorial Board to input into articles.

Read the latest issues of Home Matters

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Gardening Competition

The annual competition returns to reward both council and non-council tenants who make a real difference in their neighbourhoods by taking pride in their gardens.

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Rotherham Federation of Communities

Rotherham Federation of Communities is your local tenants’ federation that can support you to get involved in your local tenants group and provide you training and support to develop your own group. The charity delivers sessions relating to tenant involvement and scrutiny to help you improve housing and other services further.

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Young Tenants Group

We offer a wide range of activities and events for young tenants, aged 16-35, to get involved and have a say on how we can improve housing services to meet their needs.

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Your Neighbourhood

Find out what's happening in you local community.

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TPAS (Tenant Engagement Experts)

Do not miss out on your free Tpas Membership. Register with Tpas, the country’s leading national tenant involvement organisation. Membership gives you access to training, unlimited attendance at free regional events, magazines, briefings as well as a telephone helpline & information service. Contact Tpas on 0800 731 1315 or to make the best possible use of membership benefits:

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