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Updated Updated 06/02/2024

Dignity have released their 35 year Strategic Plan together with a more operational plan. The plans together provide the detail of burial space that is available currently and points to future plans. It is the role of Dignity to identify space within the current land to enable burials to take place. The operational plan was updated on 6th February 2024 and is available below.

The Council continues to identify and provide land for future burial provision per its contractual responsibility. Dignity is contractually obliged to develop this land and bring into operational use.

The Council’s Bereavement Services will continue to work closely with Dignity to monitor operational years remaining in existing municipal cemeteries and request periodic updates to the operational plan which will indicate when further external developments are required. This information will be presented annually to the Improving Places Select Committee alongside Dignity’s annual performance report.

To note presently there is available:

East Herringthorpe – in excess of 12 years;

Greasbrough – in excess of 10 years;

Haugh Road – in excess of 10 years;

Muslim Section of East Herringthorpe – in excess of 7 years;

Maltby Cemetery – 5 years

Wath – in excess of 10 years

If you would like know more about Dignity's plans you can find more information below:

Dignity's 35 Year Strategic Plan

Dignity's Operational Burial Plan

Dignity's Operational Burial Plan: Appendix 1 East Herringthorpe Cemetery Operation Map


Role and Responsibilities of RMBC Bereavement Services

Through regular site visits and collaborative working with Dignity, Bereavement Services are responsible for managing the contract between Rotherham Council and Dignity to ensure that contractual obligations have been met alongside fulfilling other projects that have been agreed.

Roles and Responsibilities of Dignity

Dignity is contracted by Rotherham Council to provide all operational duties within the cemeteries and crematorium which includes maintenance of all nine municipal cemeteries. Dignity is the main contact for cemetery visitors and the public. Their office is based at East Herringthorpe Cemetery and Crematorium.

Roles and Responsibilities of Glendale

Glendale work closely with Dignity to ensure all the grounds are maintained to a high standard.

Their duties include;

  • Clearing rubbish bins
  • Cutting large grass areas
  • Making sure walkways and paths are safe
  • Remove graffiti
  • Keeping all drains clear
  • Making sure all taps, and facilities are in working order
  • Digging graves

Contact Information

RMBC Bereavement Services

Contact RMBC Bereavement Services

Dignity Funerals Limited

East Herringthorpe Cemetery



S65 3NN

Tel: 01709 850344

Death Cafés

RMBC Bereavement Services are working in conjunction with Libraries to provide Death Cafés across the Borough.

Death Cafés are informal events with no set agenda to bring people together to talk about their experiences and to give people somewhere they can go to speak to others which helps prevent isolation. There are sometimes professionals present from Funeral Directors or the Hospice to answer question, dispel myths and help make talking about death less of a taboo subject.

It is important to note that a Death Café is not a specialised grief support or counselling session though staff can sign post individuals to these services where required.

There is no date set for the next Death Café to take place at present, this page will be amended when this has been confirmed.