Paying for Adult Care Services

Third party top ups

In some cases the council may agree to provide financial help with a care home placement but the care home is charging more than the price the council would usually expect to pay. A third party top-up fee is an extra payment that makes up the difference between what the council will pay and the full cost of your chosen care home.

Top up payments are completely separate and in addition to your weekly contribution.

You usually can’t pay your own top-up fees (except in specific circumstances) as you will already be paying as much as you can afford towards the cost of the care home, so it’s a relative, friend or charitable organisation that would have to pay.

In some specific circumstances you may be able to meet the costs of a top-up from the value of a property you own. In order to qualify you will be required to enter a Deferred Payment Agreement

If the Council feels that the top up cannot be sustained in the long-term, then we will not agree to you moving into the Care Home.

Whoever agrees to pay the top-up will have to sign a formal agreement agreeing to the arrangement and will need to continue making their payments or you could be asked to move to different Care Home.

We strongly recommend that  you seek independent financial advice before entering into a Third Party Top Up Agreement.