Help with saving money

Save money on insurance

What is insurance for?

There are lots of different types of insurance which you can take out to protect you in case of unexpected financial difficulty.

If you can't work because of illness, accident, or a disability, one option to help boost your income is to take out illness insurance. 

There is also:

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Household Contents Insurance
  • Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

For more information on these click here: Types of insurance - Citizens Advice

Money saving tips for your insurance

Check your bills

Check how much your monthly payments for mid-contract price rises. Technically your insurance provider isn’t breaking the rules by increasing your payment, but you do have the right to complain to your provider if you feel the increase is unfair.

Make a note of when your policy ends

Mark the date your policy is due to end on a calendar or save it in your mobile phone so you have a clear reminder before it renews automatically.

Shop around for a better deal

Use one or more price comparison sites to compare prices from a number of providers to check you're getting the lowest price possible.

Ask for a better deal

Call your provider and tell them you know you can get a better deal elsewhere. Take screengrabs of better deals you have seen so you can refer to them during the call.

Remember to be courteous during the callas they are more likely to help you out if you're polite and respectful.

Switch to somewhere better

If you've found a cheaper insurance policy with a different provider, and your current provider can't match it, make the move.

Review your insurance every year

Check for better deals each time your policy is due to end, so you don't miss out on potential savings. Remember, when it comes to insurance, loyalty doesn't pay. Keep shopping around to get the best deals.