Help with saving money

Save money on entertainment

Save money by staying in

  • Cancel any subscriptions or memberships you do not currently use. If you have multiple TV subscription packages, consider only paying for one a month and make the most of all the programmes on it.
  • Use a comparison website to find the cheapest phone or internet contracts.
  • Have a date night at home. Why not try and recreate your favourite restaurant dish at home?
  • Start a new hobby. Start a DIY project, learn to garden, play some boardgames, try drawing, cooking, hiking, knitting, volunteering. There are so many things to try for free or low cost to keep you entertained.
  • Start working out from home. If you have a gym membership but don’t consistently go, or you could do the same workout at home you can save a lot of money each month.
  • Stop Gambling. Since lockdown there has been a rise in the number of people downloading gambling apps to pass the time. To save money try to find some free gaming apps to fill the habit. Find support to stop gambling here. Home - GamCare - The leading provider of support for anyone affected by problem gambling in Great Britain
  • Invite your friends over. Having some drinks at home is much cheaper than a night out paying for expensive drinks and transport too.

Save money out and about

  • Use student discount where applicable to get money off when shopping or dining out.
  • Have a free day out such as a walk or picnic.
  • Search for free or low-cost events in Rotherham or nearby.
  • Only take cash on nights out, setting a budget and making sure you stick to it.
  • If you enjoy reading often, get a library card and rent books for free rather than spending your own money on them.
  • Avoid ATM’s that charge you to withdraw cash, search for the nearest free cash machine online instead.
  • Take your own drinks and snacks to the cinema. The cost of buying drinks and popcorn when you are there is much higher, and an expense you do not have to pay.
  • Look out for special transport deals. During school breaks and bank holidays, some national coach companies offer fares as cheap as £1. This may be a good starting point for planning a cheap day out for the family.
  • Sell your unwanted items at a car boot sale. Have a fun day out and make some money whilst doing it. You must pay the cost of a pitch to sell there which is usually around £10 but will be different at each car boot. Don’t forget to take a float of change as many customers will only have notes.

Keeping the kids happy

Holiday for less

  • Try Wowcher travel deals. Travel Deals - Up to 80% off Vouchers & Offers - Wowcher
  • Use price comparison websites to book the cheapest flights. If you can be flexible with the airports you arrive to and leave from, you can usually get a lower price.
  • The Sun are running holidays from £9.50 again for 2022. With more than 150 holiday parks across the UK and Europe to choose from, find out all the details here. What are Hols from £9.50? The ultimate guide to booking your 2022 holiday with The Sun
  • Is your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) still valid? If not, apply for a free Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). Applying for healthcare cover abroad (GHIC and EHIC) - NHS ( A GHIC or EHIC give you treatment at state-run EU hospitals and GPs at the same cost as a local. So if they pay, you pay – if it's free for them, it's free for you.
  • Try hostels for cheap accommodation. Not all hostels are dorm bunks. Many offer singles, twins and doubles, and they can offer massive savings over hotel prices. Make sure to check reviews before you confirm your booking and look for pictures to know what to expect.
  • Don't waste money on energy while you're away. Turn off lighting and heating before a big trip and also ensure you remember to turn off any TVs and gadgets on standby too. It's also worth noting in winter you'll still need water to go through pipes at a minimal temperature, or you risk burst pipes.
  • Wanting a package holiday? Follow money saving expert tips to get the cheapest deals. Cheap package holidays: slash costs with late deals and haggling - MSE (
  • Turn your phone into a free worldwide sat-nav to avoid data charges. Download the apps and maps before you go and then they're stored offline on your phone – the apps use your phone's built-in GPS to locate you so you will not need to use Wi-Fi or any data.
    • These apps are free to download and use:
      • The Google Maps app is easy to use and includes restaurants and reviews. You can use it offline, if you download maps in advance.
      • Navmii is great for driving. It comes with pre-loaded maps and route planning and has maps for around 200 countries. To find them, search in your phone's app store for Navmii plus the country, for example, 'Navmii France'.

Places to visit in Rotherham

  • Rotherham Civic Theatre: pay what you can

Rotherham Civic Theatre offers a ‘pay what you can’ facility at some selected shows. When you’re attending the Theatre this allows you to make a voluntary contribution based on what you can afford, rather than the normal ticket price.

See the Rotherham Civic Theatre website for details and a list of the shows where this offer applies.

Need some new places to explore close to home? Why not try and visit these low cost and scenic outdoor spaces:

  • Wentworth

This scenic area of Rotherham offers plenty of space to walk. Take a picnic and enjoy a free day out. Walks at Wentworth Castle Gardens | National Trust If you do have some spare money, you can visit Wentworth Woodhouse and the gardens as it is part of National Trust. Or try Wentworth Garden Centre for some afternoon tea.

  • Greasbrough Dams

A lovely place to have a picnic, though you do have to be quiet as the dams are a very popular place for local fishermen. Enjoy a stroll down from Wentworth Woodhouse and you might catch sight of some deer. Greasbrough, Rotherham - area information, map, walks and more (

  • Thrybergh country park

Great for a stroll with your dog and has a play area too. Thrybergh Country Park – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

  • Manvers Lake

Whether you want to have a gentle walk, or try something more adventurous. There’s lots on offer at Manvers Lake including Angling, Canoeing, Cycling, Dragon Boating, Running, Sailing, Swimming, Triathlon and Windsurfing. Welcome to Manvers Lake (

  • Clifton Park and Museum

A place to play, relax and enjoy in the heart of Rotherham. With parks, gardens and sport, rides and games and even an amazing museum. Clifton Park, Rotherham (

  • Ulley Reservoir Country Park

The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. Dogs are welcome and may be off-leash in some areas. Family-friendly strolls may be found here. It's a fantastic area to relax and watch the birds. Ulley Sailing Club – The Family Friendly Sailing Club

  • Winthrop Gardens

Winthrop Gardens is a one-acre community gardens it includes the Gardens and Tea Rooms. Designed for peace and tranquillity, Winthrop is inclusive and accessible to all. They can provide information and friendly guidance about plants and their care. Home Page - Winthrop Gardens

  • Keppel’s Column

Keppel's Column is a 115-foot tower Grade II* listed building between Wentworth and Kimberworth. Keppel's Column is one of several follies in and around Wentworth Woodhouse Park; the others include Hoober Stand and Needle's Eye. Keppel’s Column restoration work gets underway – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

  • Chapel of our Lady on the bridge

One of only four surviving medieval bridge chapels in the country, it has enjoyed a long and chequered history, and is truly a hidden gem right in the heart of Rotherham. Rotherham Chapel of Our Lady on Rotherham Bridge | National Churches Trust