Help with saving money

Save money on water

Do you have a water meter fitted?

A water meter means you only pay for the water you use. If you don't have a water meter, you pay a fixed price for your water. It doesn't matter how much water you use, your bill won't change.

If there are more bedrooms in your home than people, or the same number, check out getting a meter.

Check out the quick calculator which estimates how much you could save by getting a water meter. Water Meter Calculator | CCW (

Alternatively, contact your water supplier to get their own calculator to get the most accurate estimate and see if you can save.

Getting a water meter removed

If you choose to have a meter fitted but don’t think it’s right for you, you can switch back to being billed the previous way within two years of having the meter installed. (we don’t remove the water meter). You can't do this if you have moved into a property where a meter is already installed.

Asking for permission

If you have a fixed-term tenancy agreement of less than six months, you must ask the landlord’s permission. If your fixed-term tenancy agreement is longer than six months, you don't need your landlord's permission to have a meter, but your tenancy agreement may require you to ask their permission for alterations to the property.

Tips to reduce water usage

  • Rather than boiling water in a pan, use your kettle (it uses less energy) and only fill the pan enough to cover whatever you’re cooking.
  • Take a shower rather than a bath, and try to reduce the time in the shower.
  • Wash your clothes on an eco-wash setting at 30˚C and wait until you have a full load.
  • Fix any small leaks in your home to avoid wasting water.
  • Line-dry your clothes rather than using a tumble dryer.
  • Use a bowl of water when washing up, rather than leaving the tap running for too long. If using a dishwasher, be sure to fill it completely.
  • Collect the cool water from the start of your shower to water your houseplants. Or even better, keep a plastic watering can outside to collect rainwater.
  • Grab yourself some free products if you are a Yorkshire Water customer to reduce your water usage. Yorkshire Water Products (

Need more help with water?

If you are struggling to pay your bills, Yorkshire water have immediate short term and longer-term schemes you can apply for. Yorkshire Water - Help paying your bill

Payment holiday

In certain cases, you will be eligible for a payment holiday including:

  • Change in your income means you cannot afford this month
  • You are unable to get out to pay your bill

Sometimes, this is not the best option for you, and you need to think about a longer-term solution.


To qualify for WaterSure you need to:

  • be on a water meter or be paying an assessed charge because it's not possible to fit a meter at your property
  • be on certain benefits
  • have a high essential use of water

You can apply for WaterSure by filling out a form from your water company. You will need to supply evidence that you qualify, such as a copy of your awards notice for a benefit.

For more information click the link here. WaterSure scheme – help with paying water bills - Citizens Advice


If you have a low household income and your annual water bill is more than £350, you might be able to get help with our WaterSupport scheme.

Community Trust

If you have arrears with Yorkshire Water between £50 and £2000 and at least one priority debt, you might be able to get an award towards water arrears.

Water Direct

If you receive a deductible income-based benefit, you are able to have payments taken directly from your benefits.


If you’re struggling to catch up on previous water bills, the Resolve scheme could help you be debt-free so you can continue paying your water bill in affordable amounts.