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Social Tariffs

If you are struggling with the rising cost of living, there is support available so you can access the internet and use your mobile phones.

The government has worked with Internet Service Providers (IPSs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to deliver low-cost broadband and phone service packages for those on low incomes. These are called social tariffs.

Social tariffs are available for people claiming Universal Credit, the state pension, and other benefits. Services are being offered from £15 per month.

Find out more on the Ofcom website and see if you are able to apply.

Ofcom – Social Tariffs

Here is one of the offers that is available:

Vodafone’s Essentials Broadband – Social Tariff

Vodafone is offering a special low-cost broadband deal for people who receive benefits such as Universal Credit and Pension Credit (Guaranteed Credit). They will not be subject to price rises or exit fees.

Their Essentials Broadband tariff is available and costs £12 a month.

Find out more on the Vodafone website

Other offers and providers are available, including:

BT - Essentials

EE - Basics

Sky Broadband – Social Tariff

Virgin Media - Basics

Voxi – For Now