Neighbourhood Planning

What are neighbourhood plans?

A neighbourhood plan gives your community more say in the future development of your area. It is a planning document, created by local people. It guides and shapes development in the local area.

Neighbourhood plans are about local development issues. For example where new homes and shops should go, or what places should look like. They will have a focus on guiding development rather than stopping it.

Neighbourhood plans must be in keeping with national and local planning policies. The planning policy for Rotherham is the Local Plan.

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Does your area need to have a neighbourhood plan?

Your community does not need to have a neighbourhood plan if you do not want one. The Council will still use the Local Plan to decide all planning applications. Your area will not be at risk of unwanted development if you do not have a neighbourhood plan.

Producing a neighbourhood plan is a big commitment. You will need to work with your parish or town council, or establish a neighbourhood forum.

Rotherham neighbourhood planning guidance

Guidance is available which sets out the stages of plan preparation and describes the actions that the Council and those preparing neighbourhood plans should undertake. It also sets out the support and services that the Council can offer along with information on Rotherham’s strategic planning policies to help your neighbourhood planning group ensure that its policies conform with the Local Plan in line with government requirements.

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