Garden waste collections

Direct debit

Not sure if you have a direct debit set up already?

If you start to complete the sign up / renew and pay for your subscription online form you will be asked to enter your address details. You will see a message pop up on screen if you already have a Direct Debit set up for the collection of garden waste from your property.

Sign up/renew and pay for your subscription online.

Claiming your Rothercard discount 

If you are subscribed for the garden waste service and you pay by Direct Debit you are eligible for a 10% refund on your first bin if you have not already claimed the refund.

To request a 10% refund for your garden waste subscriptions first bin, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are subscribed to pay for the garden waste collection service by Direct Debit at your address.
  • You are not requesting a refund on behalf of someone else.
  • You have a Rothercard in your name which has not expired. 

You will need:

  • Your Rothercard number
  • Your bank account number and sort code

Claim Rothercard refund