Arrange a marriage or civil partnership

If you are divorced or widowed

If you or your partner has been married or in a civil partnership before, you must provide to the Registrar at your Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership Appointment:

  • A decree absolute of divorce, granted by a court in England or Wales
  • Documents confirming dissolution of civil partnership, granted by a court in England or Wales
  • Documents confirming divorce, dissolution, or annulment from a foreign country. If these are not in English, you must also provide a full, certified translation. There is a statutory consideration fee to the Superintendent Registrar of £55 for consideration of a foreign divorce. Please be aware that there are some countries for which the local Superintendent Registrar may have to refer your foreign divorce to the General Register Office for approval, for which there is a statutory consideration fee payable of £83. Please note, these fee's will be payable at the point of booking the appointment
  • The death certificate of the former spouse or civil partner
  • If you have changed your name you may need to produce documents to link the current name you are using to the name shown on your decree absolute or former spouse or civil partner’s death certificate. This will usually be your previous marriage or civil partnership certificate or a deed poll certificate.