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My Activities and Opinions

Everyone has the opportunity to make sure each day in their lives is enjoyable, meaningful and means they can have a ‘good day’ doing what they want to do.

Here are the details of the places in Rotherham where you can choose to spend your time. You can go to places to do the things you already enjoy. You may also want to do new things that you haven’t tried before.

Take a look at the places listed here to see all of the interesting and fun things that you can choose to do

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Before you visit

We recommend you check the accessibility and suitability of an event or location in advance so you can be confident it caters for all your needs. Visit the company’s website or contact them directly. 

Below are some questions you might want to ask when contacting the activity.

  • Is the venue accessible for your needs?
  • Does the group do a free taster session?
  • Can parents/carers/supporters join the session?
  • Is there a place nearby where parents/carers/supporters can go while the session takes place?
  • What relevant training have the instructors received?
  • Have they got a website or social media page?
  • How does the group communicate about times and changes, is it via email or text or on social media?
  • Can you see the venue before the session?
  • What are the noise levels like?  
  • If any issues occur, how will i be informed?
  • Is there parking available or is there a bus stop nearby?