Council Housing Repairs

Reporting a Council Housing Repair

Reporting a repair

You can report repairs online and book appointments for most non-emergency issues using the link above to the Housing Online self-service portal. If you are unable to use the portal to report your repair, you can report your repair to us by telephone on 01709 336009.

If the repair is an emergency, you should call us immediately on 01709 336009.

Timescales for repairs

Emergency repairs include works to burst pipes (if the leak cannot be isolated), boarding up unsafe doors and windows and total loss of electricity. We attend emergency repairs within 4 hours.

Urgent repairs include a total loss of heating and hot water. We attend urgent repairs by 8pm on the day after you report your repair. For example, if you report an urgent repair to us on a Monday morning, an operative will attend either before 8pm on Monday or between 8am and 8pm on Tuesday.

Appointable repairs include work to windows and doors, floorboards, leaking guttering and faulty lights. Routine repairs can take up to 28 days but will be completed as soon as possible.

For appointable repairs, we offer the following appointment slots:

  • All Day Appointment – 8am to 8pm
  • Morning Appointment – 8am to midday
  • Afternoon Appointment – midday to 4pm
  • Evening Appointment – 4pm to 8pm
  • School Run Appointment – 10am to 2pm

We can also offer appointments at weekends for certain trades.