Educating your child at home

Working with the Council

The Home Education Team wants to establish a good working relationship with the parents and carers of all home educated children. We will be willing to listen and discuss your ideas for your child's education, as well as see examples of what your child has been doing. We will give you feedback on this and send you a report of the visit or meeting.

We will contact or visit you to review your child's home education. This will be on an annual basis, unless there are special circumstances or cause for concern.

If your child's education does not meet the legal requirements, we will work with you to address this. School Attendance Orders can be - but are rarely - used in home education cases. It is an offence if you do not follow the requirements of an order, unless you can prove your child is receiving a suitable education.

Any concerns about safeguarding will be raised with the appropriate authority.

Referring safeguarding concerns about children