Educating your child at home

Elective Home Education support

The Child Health Department for Children and Young People’s Services is available to all school age children in Rotherham. This includes children who are educated at home.

Telephone: 01709 423355

Careers advice and guidance is available from the Rotherham Early Help Service. They can offer help and advice with other issues affecting children and young people.

The law around child employment is the same for home educated children. Children cannot be employed if they are under age 13. Children of school age must have permission from the Council to work. There are also other legal restrictions on employing children

Find out about child employment

To avoid parental conflict in relation to withdrawing a child to Elective Home Education, the LA recommends that, all adults with parental responsibility sign and date the withdrawal letter sent to school.

Where there is a disagreement between two adults with parental responsibility for a child, the school will be advised to keep the child on roll until a mutual agreement is reached or legal advice is sought by each party.