Your Council Tax Guide


As we hopefully emerge from the Covid crisis that has affected every part of our lives, I hope this message finds you safe and well.

For all the difficulties that the pandemic has posed us, it has also shown us the best of our communities. Families, businesses and volunteer organisations alike have risen to the challenge. For the Council, our Public Health and Social Care teams have been at the forefront of keeping the most vulnerable people safe.

So it is the important work of adult social care – supporting elderly residents, and those with physical and learning disabilities – which has to be our budget priority. Overall we need to commit an additional £11 million to support those services this year, and I’m afraid that does require use of the government’s Adult Social Care Levy.

Overall however, for the third year in a row we are able to keep council tax rises below the national limit, which has saved the typical Rotherham household nearly £60 over this time.

Because we want every community to look its best and every community to have services that everyone can rely on, we are also making some key investments in services that residents tell us are priorities: more money for street cleaning and grounds maintenance, a £1m a year extension of our Neighbourhood Road Safety Fund to tackle local road safety concerns, and additional youth work for our children and young people.

Councillor Chris Read

Leader of Rotherham Borough Council

For the latest information on Covid-19 in Rotherham, including support available to residents and businesses and impact on Council services, visit our website Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council