Your Council Tax Guide

Why the Council’s Budget Has Changed Between 2021/22 and 2022/23

Explanation of the change in the Council?s Gross Revenue Budget £m
RMBC Net Budget Requirement for 2021/22 235.66
Increase in gross expenditure for Council Tax borne services 18.63
Decrease in Income and Specific and Ring-Fenced Grants 5.40
RMBC Net Budget Requirement for 2022/23 259.69
Increase in Net Budget Requirement 24.03
The reasons for the increase in the Net Council Budget are shown below £m
Inflation and cost pressures 10.36
Investments in social care 15.21
Investment in key services 3.65
Budget savings and efficiencies -3.19
Budget contingency and Treasury Management Savings 2.00
Change 24.03