Your Council Tax Guide

How the Council Spends Its Net Revenue Budget in 2023/24

Directorate £m
Adult Care, Housing and Public Health 120.707
Children and Young People's Service 64.590
Regeneration and Enviroment Service 50.185
Finance& Customer Services 20.429
Assistant Chief Executives 7.602
Central Services 38.671
Total Net Budget 302.184

The proposed Central Services budget (£38.7m) shown in the table above includes the following key budgets and provisions: Levies – Integrated Transport Authority, Coroners, Environment Agency, Apprentice (£12.4m), Capital Financing (£19.7m), PFI Grants (cr £3.8m), Use of Treasury Management Reserve to support Budget, (cr £6.3m),  Inflation provision for pay, price and fees and charges, (£19.6m), Other income and grants (cr £3.8m) and other centrally held costs (£0.9m).