Travel network improvements

Wellgate, Broom Road and Broom Valley Road cycle routes

Overview map of scheme


Our traffic analysis indicates that there is significant opportunity for trips to be made by bicycle between the south east of town and central Rotherham (including its onward rail and bus services).

To do this we are proposing improvements on Wellgate, Broom Road and Broom Valley Road.

The scheme will be delivered in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Creating dedicated cycle tracks on Wellgate and Broom Road, between Hollowgate and Boswell Street. The route and broad treatment for this phase are confirmed and initial designs been proposed.
  • Phase 2: Implementing measures to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists using Broom Valley Road and address local concerns about traffic volumes and speeds on this residential road.

A public consulttaion on the scheme ran during autumn 2021. 

Subject to funding, we hope Phase 1 construction will be able to begin in late 2021 and be completed by spring 2022.

Subject to community support, the Council will seek further funding to deliver Phase 2 of the scheme during 2022.