Ending your Council tenancy

You must provide four weeks’ notice to end your tenancy. If you are submitting this termination notice on any day other than a Monday, your notice will start from the following Monday.

Once you leave your council tenancy, you will need to re-join the housing register if at any time you need to apply for a new council property. If you would like to exchange, adapt or repair your home, or require support to maintain your tenancy, please explore the links in the directory to the right.

We will write to you to confirm the date the tenancy ends and if any further supporting documentation is needed. We will also inform you when you must hand in the property keys.

You will be required to pay your rent until the end of your tenancy, please be aware that if you leave the property owing debts, you may not be able to re-join the housing register.

Please use this form to request to end your Council tenancy

Ending your Council tenancy